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Kitemill is a technology based company in the Airborne Wind Energy segment. Airborne Wind Energy is a game changer for wind power plants, and represents the following main advantages over conventional wind turbines:
Investment cost - Less material needed resulting in lower cost of hardware
Full load production hours - High altitude means stronger and more stable winds
Location - A kite turbine operating at high altitude is much less sensitive to location, and may be situated close to existing grid.
Kitemill develops kite turbines to harvest wind power.
A kite turbine consists of the following system components:
1.      A kite                     
2.      An automatic control system
3.      A tether connecting the kite with the winch
4.      A ground based regenerative winch
The energy in the wind is converted to electricity by a few components. All the heavy and service intensive components remains on the ground. The kite turbine handles similar aerodynamic and mechanical forces as conventional onshore wind turbines with less than 10% of the materials. This results in significantly lower investment cost than all other power plants with a similar capacity that utilizes renewable energy sources.
This makes Kitemill’s solution the answer to unsubsidized energy production on a global basis.


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