Unlimited potential

Kitemill’s solution to unsubsidized energy production on a global basis.

The energy in the wind is converted to electricity by a few components. All the heavy and service intensive components remains on the ground. The kite turbine handles similar aerodynamic and mechanical forces 
as conventional onshore wind turbines with less than 10% of the materials. 

This results in significantly lower investment cost than all other power plants with a similar capacity that utilizes renewable energy sources.


Airborne Wind Energy

The investment cost will be significantly lower for a kite turbine system than a windmill allowing unsubsidized renewable energy.

The kite flies in the wind, attached to a regenerative winch on the ground through a long tether.  Kite turbines line up the forces by mainly using tension, compared to the compression, bending and shear forces on a windmill. 

The way in which kite turbines handle the forces allows the same capacity to be achieved with less than 20% of the materials compared to a conventional onshore windmill.